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Orgasmic Meditation Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the questions I’m most often asked about Orgasmic Meditation and OM Training. 

If you have a question I haven’t answered, please let me know.

Question:  What is Orgasmic Meditation?

Orgasmic Meditation is a structured 15 minute sequence of steps that helps you practice your orgasm, whether you’re the stroker or the strokee.  It’s not unlike a sequence of yoga asana, a structured meditation technique, or a focused musical instrument practice (like playing scales),  The practice is separate from sex and involves only the stroking of the strokee’s clitoris.  This specific focus allows both partners to dive deeply into the sensations that are present.  Of course, after the practice, you’re both free to do whatever you like!

Question:  How does OM Training work?

To learn the practice of Orgasmic Meditation, a series of at least 3 sessions is recommended, within 2 months.  We can have more sessions after that to deepen your learning and expand both partners’ orgasm, but that initial series will get you cookin’.  Most practitioners feel a change after just one session, with OM becoming much more focused and sensational.

You can do the practice with anyone. I work with both couples and single individuals of both sexes.

  • Sometimes two people come to me to be trained together.
  • Other times, a man or woman wants to learn to be a stroker, so as to apply those skills with any woman.
  • Sometimes a woman wants to learn to be stroked and to educate strokers for herself.

Regardless, ideally, you’ll bring a stroker and a strokee to (at least some of) our meetings, even if you, as an individual, are the primary trainee.  If you have further questions about your situation, please let me know.

The first session is a bit longer than subsequent sessions, to ensure your desires for the practice are clear to you and to me, and that you have a solid understanding of how to get started.  Subsequent sessions run 45-60 minutes and involve debriefing how your practice is going, what else comes up in your life and relationships that seems related, answering questions, and offering guidance on your practice and your communication around it.

The skills you learn as a part of the practice of OM feed out into your life:  safeporting, relaxing, noticing sensation, sharing sensation, approval, enjoying the stroke you’re on, making requests, making offers, and more.

Question:  Will you be there while we do the practice?

Not necessarily, unless you desire my guidance.  Intially, as OMers are getting comfortable with the practice and with me, we discuss the practice and related topics in our sessions, and you practice outside, then communicate with me about that via email and at the next session.  Later, you may wish to have an OM during our session, and I can wait in another place (or hang up from Skype) while you do your practice, then we can debrief afterward.  That may always be the way we work it.  Eventually, however, some OMers ask me for guided OMs.  That means I stay with you while you practice and give each of you guidance.  I will never use touch as part of the training.  Each of these options is 100% your choice. 

Question:  What are the ethics of Orgasmic Meditation training?

As an OM Trainer, I subscribe to the OneTaste coach association code of conduct.  You can view it here.  In a nutshell, I don’t touch my clients or engage in any form of romantic or sexual relationship with them.  I encourage my clients’ unfoldment, but always within their personal comfort zone.  All coaching and training exercises, homework assignments and activities are optional and clients may decline participation at any time.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, or contact me if you’re ready to set up an OM Training session.


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