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What Brings You Creative Joy?

Creative Joy for me means…

Integrating motherhood and work.  Before my son was born four years ago, my business was my baby and work was my drug.  Now, my son and my newborn daughter are my babies, and my drug is… well, sleep.  But that’s another story!  The point is, the act of shifting gears — between nurturing these beloved little people and nurturing my writing and my clients — is, in itself, a creative act.  Sometimes I grind the gears (cue the brain-bending screech of gear on gear) as I shift, but when I get it juuuuuust right?  So I get to express myself, take great care of me, and give the littles just what they need?  Oh, it’s high art.  High art, indeed.

Turning myself on.  Lively banter with other witty and wicked people.  A board game well-played.  A few minutes on etsy or Pinterest, soaking the beauty into my pores.  Or exploring actual sensual pleasures, like a walk through the forest, a bubble bath, sweet touch from my man or my babes.  The fulfillment of these desires and the richness of these experiences brings me creative joy, and therefore fuels all my creative output.

Writing truth.  In a sense, I suppose, telling the truth is the least creative thing there is:  you’re merely naming what is.  But to do so, we must engage in the highly creative and often excruciating act of peeling away the many layers of untruth and vested interest and distraction and fear that overlay our truth.  It’s a wily woman who can unearth and name her truth.  Muy creative, no?  So whenever I write something, then step back from it and see that, “yes, Michele, you have named your experience” I get a little jolt of creative joy.

Delighting my darlings.  This is more about the reception of my products, I suppose, but if I’m honest (and didn’t we just say that was one of my creative joys? Telling true?), j’adore the applause.  Sue me, I’m a Leo!  Sometimes it looks like my husband and son (and sweet self) enjoying a meal I conceived and/or cooked (so often, I’m the architect and Kurt’s the master builder of our dinners). Other times it’s the comments on a blog post or retweets of a quote or a client emailing to say, “you rocked my world.”  Creative joy comes from those interactions where my creativity’s radar hears the “ping” that signals its message of love was received by the people who matter most to me.

What does creative joy mean to you?  Do you yearn for more?  Three of my creative idols and colleagues (and Jen and Marianne are dear friends, while Susannah I’ve yet to meet!) are hosting the Creative Joy Retreat. There is no better gift you could give your creative joy than dedicated time.  And your creative joy is a magnificent path to turn-on and to being full.  And THOSE are the keys to changing the world.  Check out the Creative Joy Retreat.

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