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+ How to ask for what YOU desire in bed & in life.

The Hot Love Makeover

Turn On Your Relationship and Your Life

Many smart, soulful women have good marriages and nice lives, but know there’s great and mind-bending waiting underneath the surface, begging to be excavated.

That was me, a few years ago.  I totally turned up the heat, in myself and in my relationship.  This program teaches what I learned.

I’m calling it the Hot Love Makeover.  It’s a unilateral relationship revolution.  Your guy won’t be involved in the program, but he will be an enthusiastic participant in the (ahem!) action.

Hot Love

Hot Love means turned-on monogamy.  Love for a lifetime, that smokes in the bedroom and supports everything else you want to do and be.

Hot Love means shining enthusiasm for life, for yourself, and for each moment.  It’s you, at your best.

Hot Love means tapas – the fire of devotion.  It means bhakti – deep, sweet surrender to the Divine (however you imagine it).

Hot Love means three different facets of the same Big Hot Love, and this program teaches you how to make them ALL shine.

Once you feel it, you’ll see Hot Love everywhere you look.  It’s a fun way to live.


The HOT|LOVE|MAKEOVER shares the practices I’ve engaged in over the past four years to

  • Turn on my (always lovely but sometimes lukewarm) marriage and get more sex and deeper connection brewin’
  • Bring spiritual consciousness into my love life and my self-love and well-being practices, without getting all serious and dogmatic
  • Have waaay more fun and authenticity in my business, fitness, mothering… everywhere

Want this Hot Love?

Join me in July.

How the program works:

I’ll give you four hot ideas – one per week – to help you create Hot Love – with yourself, with your husband, and with the divine.  Then, there’ll be fun, sexy little daily assignments to help you apply the hot idea each week.  There are more details about the program below.  It’s like having me as your life+relationship+sex+spiritual coach all month and a cool group of women to play with, too, as much or as little as you want.


This week is about becoming the chief operating officer of your own energy, enthusiasm, and libodo.  A woman who has taken the reins on her own turn-on (not just sexually, but all over her life) is always full of life.  Not fakey-smiley all the time or an insatiable horndog, but able to find the goodness and connection in every moment, light or dark.


* Make a conscious choice to be turned on every day

* Assess your receiving quotient and how to raise it

 * Locate the center of your turn-on and learn to use it as a compass

 * Discover your own unique style of sexiness, sensuality, and turn-on

 * Learn to passionately approve of your own moods, strengths & weaknesses, likes & dislikes and stay on your own side

The bottom line:  You wanna turn up the heat in your marriage?  Turn up the heat in yo’self, mama.  All day long, sexually and otherwise.  I’ll show you how, using only the admittedly limited energy you already have.


In Week 2, we excavate your desires.  What do you really want is a tough question, right?  For most women, desires are buried beneath layers of resentment, fear, avoidance-of-disappointment, and frustration, to name a few.  Your homework this week will help you wash that crud away so you see more and more glimmers of your authentic desires.

You’ll uncover:
* The “wants” you reach for as stand-ins or sub-par substitutes for your real desires
* What you didn’t know you desired until you got it, and how those surprise desires can help you find others
* The “upper limit” ceiling that stops you from wanting what you want
* The secret way to have desire turn you on, whether you get what you want or not
This is not Law of Attraction, “want it bad enough and it’s yours” stuff.  Nor is it “a big life means wanting LOTS of money/fame/glamour.”  It’s about your connection to the raw power of life. Your desires are marching orders written on your heart.  When you’re in intimate relationship with them, sex is hotter.  You serve better.  And you don’t have to question your direction in life.


In Week 3, we discover the pockets of pleasure you’re experiencing right now, the pleasures you’re missing, and the most turned-on ways to say clear “yes” and “no” throughout your day.  This week’s homework will fo’sho get you more in touch with your own faves and help you dramatically up the pleasure quotient in your everyday life.  Being pleasured and pleased is a SKILL, and the better you get at it, the more available you will be for more pleasure of all sorts.

You’ll identify:

 * The most pleasurable moments in your day

 * The quickest ways to inject more pleasure

 * Your unique pleasure language; how YOU, alone, recognize what delights you

 * How to use your own turn-on to engage and inspire everyone around you

In our culture, we women have a mixed relationship with pleasure and our desire for it.  Deprivation and indulgence, self-neglect and guilt all mix up together.  This week will clean up your relationship to pleasure and open lots of short-cuts to fun and happiness, right where you live.


This week, we infuse your life with your own special brand of turn-on.  You’ve gotten to know your own style better, discovered what you want more of, and now we will tweak the rituals and habits you already have so that everything – from getting yourself (and kids?) out the door to putting your own sweet self to bed – will reflect your devotion to pleasure and connection.
You’ll design:

* A way of waking up that sets the tone for a turned-on day (even if preschoolers or pooches are your alarm clocks)

* An evening ritual that helps you gear down and soften up after a busy day

* The preparation systems that will reduce your stress and let you be more relaxed and happy in your routines

* A personal practice that keeps you centered in your best qualities
Learning to design your everyday activities as an ongoing process of inspiration, adventure, and pleasure will make most days into the best days, and your worst days into do-able deals.  Turn-on will become the baseline for your lifestyle.


On Sundays, you’ll get the Hot Idea for the week, with an audio and a little pdf or two from me.

Each weekday, you have an optional homework assignment, and a chance to tell me privately how it went, and/or to ask me a question.

Each week, I’ll give a sensual, fun prize to the woman who most rocked out her “turn-on research” with the homework.

I’ll also have all the questions and answers compiled, anonymized, and sent out to everyone.

We’ll have an optional secret facebook group (your other friends won’t see these posts at all).

Finally, based on your questions and discussion in the group, I’ll lead at least two live seminars during the month on topics that are coming up for people (for example, making effective requests, sleuthing out lost libidos, saying no without hurting his feelings, or what to do with turn-on in non-sexual situations).

And who knows?  It’s beta.  I’m sure we’ll make other stuff up as we go along, too.


Beta Version = Lots of Attention from Me + Lots of Feedback from You

I’m running the program right now (in June) and tweaking and playing with it.  July will be the lift-off session of Hot Love Makeover – just really trickin’ this baby out so it’s absolutely exquisite.  I want to make sure it’s EXACTLY what women need.  So I need an R&D team.

In July (AFTER the holiday week), I’m going to devote myself to working with a group of women for just $108 per participant.  I’ll ask you to give me lots of feedback – the good news and the bad – and I’ll give you tons of attention and support to make the changes they want to make.


I’m inviting you to join me and unlock the potential of your desire and your relationship.

What questions do you have for me?  Wanna come along in July?

Ready to explore – and change – all this with a wily guide and a willing circle of beta babes in (your choice) this summer?

This page is in process. I’ve probably missed something crucial. It’s a pilot, darling. A pilot. A luscious playful sandbox where we can share a sexy satisfying summer.

Have a question? Email michele at hotlovemakeover dot com.

Join the Hot Love Makeover Pilot Program

July 10 – August 3

join me in the pilot program of HOT|LOVE|MAKEOVER




Can’t wait to play with you.  And do let me know if you have any questions!

Love love,



P.S.: If this turns you on, be a lamb and spread the word, yes? Just to dear friends who’ll enjoy the rough n’ ready nature of this offering. You can do the whole affiliate deal once it’s got its lipstick on and its skirt pulled outta the back of its undies. (Did you see how I got both uses of it’s/its correct in that sentence? www.grammargoddesses.com/michele)

P.P.S.: There will be several days TBA this summer when I”ll throw open my calendar for 30-minute 1:1 coaching calls all around your Hot Love Makeover. Normally, these calls are $175 on their own.  C’mon!  Get in here.  Let’s make this summer truly hot.


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