How Much Can You Receive?

If you’re not getting what you desire, expand your receptive capacity.

Clients often tell me

“He doesn’t…”

“She won’t…”

“It seems like there’s never time to…”

“I just wish that…”

There are longings in all our hearts to feel more …

What Brings You Creative Joy?

Creative Joy for me means…

Integrating motherhood and work.  Before my son was born four years ago, my business was my baby and work was my drug.  Now, my son and my newborn daughter are my babies, and my drug …

Erotic Intelligence

The Garden of Five Senses, ,
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John Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences has one called Kinesthetic Intelligence. Proproioception – knowing where your body is in space. Eye-hand coordination. Physical grace. The ability to move your limbs together in concert in a way that …

Let your hands touch something that makes your eyes smile – a poem from Mirabai

A Hundred Objects Close By

I know a cure for sadness:

Let your hands touch something that

makes your eyes


I bet there are a hundred objects close by

that can do that.

Look at

beauty’s gift to us

Every object winks at me… my charms must be at their height

“Mirabai (c. 1498-1550) is the most renowned woman poet-saint of India, her songs sung by Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs alike.”
- Daniel Ladinsky, from “Love Poems from God”

Mira is also my daughter’s namesake, for her poems reveal a heart …

This I Believe: The Hot Love Manifesto

I’m spearheading a revolution in monogamous relationships.  I call it the Hot Love Revolution. 

It’s rooted in these 11 key beliefs about people, relationships, and what’s possible:


The point of human life is to …

Your Desires Want to Set the Record Straight

Hey.  Your desires called.*

They wanted me to pass along a few messages, ’cause they’ve noticed you don’t give them the kind of attention they deserve.  They’re guessing it’s because you don’t really know what they’re for or how they …

For What Are You Built?

Escape from the round pen by jdj150, used under Creative Commons license, via flickr.comOne reason a champion racehorse is such a beautiful sight, when running at its full speed, is that her power is completely unfurled – nothing held back, nothing pent up.  

The same horse, back in the starting gate, was …

Forced Into Freedom…Possibly the Only Path

“I used to have intense guilt for craving creative freedom – and then life forced me to go solo and I learned in one fell swoop that my guilty craving was a very divine calling – with all the rewards

Heat Worth Basking In

I love summer nights when you can be outside, sleeveless, and feel warm and comfortable.  I love the heat radiating from a roaring fire.  And I love laying in the ocean, cool water supporting me as warm sun shines down …

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I would gleefully hand over any relationship for Michele Lisenbury Christensen to love into its greatness. — Tanya Geisler, tanyageisler.com

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